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*Comes with standard 2 years warranty.

You can top up as little as 5% from the retail price for a 1 To 1 Exchange Warranty with zero waiting time when come to warranty claim.


Pair it with your bike computer or smartphone instantly via Bluetooth and ANT+.

Pedaling analytics, not just power and cadence

Assioma power sensor is placed on the left pedal, exactly where your force is applied, to provide you with a more detailed and accurate observation of your pedal strokes, which includes the following data:

Negative Power can be countered by helping the foot to “go back up” in the recovery phase: pulling it by the engaged shoe.

A 100% Torque Effectiveness occurs when no Negative Power has been accumulated during a pedal stroke. The typical TE value may vary between 60% and 100%.

Assioma UNO indicates the Torque Effectiveness value for the left leg.

Pedal Smoothness

Indicates, as a percentage, how evenly distributed the power is in a full revolution of a pedal stroke. A value of 100% means that the power is delivered constantly throughout all the revolution: the higher the value the “rounder” the pedaling. Pedal Smoothness is identified by correlating the Average Power (Pavg) with the Maximum Power (Pmax) measured in a single 360° rotation of the pedal. Assioma UNO indicates the PS value of the left leg.

The only one with IAV Power system

Many power meters calculate power using the average angular velocity (AVG) per rotation instead of the instantaneous angular velocity (REAL) value: this may introduce an additional error, up to 4.5% compared to the declared accuracy.

Assioma, thanks to its exclusive IAV Power system and an integrated gyroscope, measures the actual instantaneous angular velocity to guarantee the same ±1% degree of accuracy with any style of pedaling, even with oval chainrings.

Automatic Temperature Compensation

Rain, snow, mud, or sweltering heat: automatic temperature compensation (ATC) ensures exact, consistent watt measurements in any weather condition at temperatures between -10°C and 60°C.

Waterproof, resistant and the lightest ever made

Protected by a bi-component resin block, the power meter sensor is extremely resistant shocks and fully waterproof.

No waste of energy or time

Rechargeable batteries

The lithium-ion technology provides a long battery life: up to 50 hrs with a single charge.

Automatic stand-by

After a few minutes of inactivity, Assioma automatically sets to stand-by and instantly switches on as soon as you start pedaling.

Magnetic connectors

You can recharge your cycling power meters simultaneously thanks to the battery charger with double USB cable and magnetic connectors.

Extreme compatibility

*Comes with standard 2 years warranty.

*All Items Sold Are 100% Authentic From Original Manufacturer

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