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The first cycle computer with Solar and Multi-Band GNSS technology - for the most accurate and durable ride monitoring, with USB-C port, redesigned shape and metal docking system

The Edge 1040 will be the pinnacle of the Garmin Edge range and its capabilities and design represent the best Garmin has to offer in terms of performance monitoring and guidance, bike-specific navigation, cycling awareness and connectivity features. The edge 1040 includes a feature set focused on analysing the Cyclist's ability during training and helping to manage effort with Stamina. This will include specific guidance for power management with Power Guide and a marked improvement in the ClimbPro function to help you assess your effort during climbs.


•    The first cyclocomputer with Solar and Multi-Band satellite system and metal lug attachment.

•    The new multi-band satellite system technology will improve position accuracy in difficult riding environments, such as dense urban areas or under dense foliage, and give the rider unprecedented confidence in their position.

•    New Solar technology will be used to further extend battery life and charge the unit when in use.

•    Up to 15% additional pedalling time for solar.

•    With the Edge 1040 Solar, we will target a specific battery saving mode that will provide 7 days of use at 8 hours per day. The intention is to allow a cyclist an entire week of intensive cycling without the need for a charge.

•    The Edge 1040 (non-solar version) will last up to 24 hours (market leading) with sensors and navigation enabled.

•    Extensive memory and map coverage; smart mapping developed on popularity and adapted per chosen discipline type. Edge 1040 standard 32GB and 64GB memory for Solar.

•    3.5" colour touchscreen display; no compromise in display visibility and performance.

•    Robust sensors and connectivity; altimeter, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, compass, UCB-C, ANT+, BLE, WiFi.

•    Easy to set up and use.

•    Software management also via Smartphone.

•    Improved bike-specific POI (Point Of Interest) display and redesigned Up-Ahead display to help you keep track of the ride context.

•    Smart and fast route calculation and recalculation.

•    Pre-loaded smart mapping with ride-specific popularity level.


•    Garmin HRM Dual Premium Soft Strap heart rate monitor.

•    Garmin Edge 2 Dual Ant+ Bluetooth speed sensor.

•    Garmin Edge 2 Dual Ant+ Bluetooth cadence sensor.

•    Universal bracket.

•    New Front bracket.

•    Device protection strap.

•    USB-C charging cable.

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