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Silca Wax Starter Pack
The Silca Wax Starter Pack is a two-step system designed to first strip the lubricant from factory chains in less than 10 minutes, to prepare their surfaces for waxing and improve adhesion and longevity, then lubricate your chain with wax.
It includes two 4oz bottles, one of Ultimate Chain Stripper Wax Prep, the other of Super Secret Chain Lube, which will together lengthen the life of your chain by up to 30%.
You'll start with the biodegradable chain stripper. This replaces a costly, hour-long process involving two or three harsh chemicals and multiple rinse steps, during which the chain moves from non-polar solvents that thin greases and oils to polar solvents that evaporate quickly to eliminate residues, with one that is both fast and eco-friendly. It will work to lift and encapsulate the factory lubricant in two quick and easy applications.
Begin with a new or nearly new chain, then without removing it from the bicycle, add one drop of the chain stripper to each roller of the chain while backpedalling. Allow it to marinate for five minutes, then backpedal 10 revolutions of the crank to agitate the solution, once more applying one drop per roller. Leave the solution for five more minutes, then rinse the chain with clean water, while again backpedalling at least 10 revolutions.
The second step of the system is to apply the Super Secret Chain Lube to your chain. This is not only environmentally friendly but will act to silence your chain and give it the same speed as if you'd hot melt wax dipped it.
Ensure the chain is in a relatively straight gear ratio, then shake the bottle and tip it halfway. Apply one drop per roller, or two maximum, while back pedalling, and this time use your fingers to work the lube into the top and the bottom of each roller, while going through three to four revolutions. Next, pedal forward for the same number of revolutions, shifting through all the gears on the rear cassette at least once. Leave the lube to dry for 30-40 minutes, then remove any excess.
It's as simple as that – your chain will be prepared and lubricated within the hour and will last for longer than ever.
  • A two-step system to prepare and wax your chain fast and without mess
  • Includes 2x 4oz/180ml bottles, one of Ultimate Chain Stripper and Wax Prep, the other of Super Secret Chain Lube
  • Both elements are environmentally friendly
  • Chain stripper is a highly concentrated degreaser combined with primer
  • This cleans chains in 10 minutes and improves wax treatment adhesion
  • Lube combines an air-drying liquid wax with Tungsten Disulphide
  • It beats all currently available hot melt waxes in friction testing while being faster to apply

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